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Welcome to the Erie Lab

We study structures, functions, and dynamics of DNA repair processes.
We utilize state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy.
Our lab has been studying protein-DNA interaction since 1995.

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Dual Resonance Frequency Enhanced Electrostatic Microscopy (DREEM)

Dual Resonance Frequency Enhanced Electrostatic Microscopy (DREEM) is a variant of electrostatic force microscopy (EFM), which is an AFM based technique. A schematic illustration of the technique and sample images are shown below. Read more in the published article.

Combined AFM and Fluorescence Microscopy Technique

AFM is a powerful technique for studying protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. However, a significant limitation to AFM and other high-resolution microscopy is the difficulty of identifying different proteins in multi-protein complexes. To resolve this, we are interested in combining the … Read more

Past Studies of Transcription Elongation

Utilizing pre-steady state kinetics with various other biochemical techniques, the Erie lab worked toward a better understanding of the process and regulation of transcription elongation. Our past projects included:    

AFM Studies of DNA Repair – Overview

AFM provides us unique capability in revealing structural and functional relationship of DNA repair, including but not limited to, the specificity of the protein binding complex, the binding affinity, the DNA bending through bend angle analysis, the conformation analysis, and how … Read more

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